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 Open Source Project ERP for Web & Advertisement Agencies

]project-open[ supports business processes in advertising, internet and other agency-like organizations.

Does your organization want to:

  • Manage its operations with an ERP-like open-source software that gives you the freedom to change and add functionality whenever needed.
  • Include its clients actively but permission controlled in common project tasks, such as hour logging, file sharing and invoicing.
  • Reduce overall administrative / management time and costs by at least 50%.
  • Empower project managers to interact more effectively with all project members.
  • Allow several offices to share the same knowledge and coordinate work from different time zones, locations and currencies, reducing the costs of cross-border and cross-organization information sharing.
  • Provide all members of the project team with permission-based access to files and other relevant information and resources.

]project-open[ is an integrated project management solution. It provides management functions such as:

  • Internet Collaboration: Clients and freelancers can up- and download files of unlimited size from the internet, saving PMs time to send, receive, pack and unpack files. Freelancers and staff members can chat, share files and discuss over the internet.
  • Cost Accounting: Staff hours, freelance invoices and travel expenses are logged for each project, allowing for tight financial control.
  • Automatic Invoicing: Invoices are generated automatically from projects, taking into account prices depending on source language, target language, subject area and quality level for each client.
  • Tight access permissions: Freelancers' and clients' "spheres" are completely separated from each other with staff members facilitating communication.

And many more. A complete overview of the packages is available here.