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]project-open[ provides EPM and PSA (Professional Services Automation) for consulting companies with 2-200 employees.

The application helps you to run your business by taking care of everything from CRM, project planning, project tracking, collaboration, timesheet management to invoicing and payments.

Do you want to:

  • Reduce project administrative overhead?
  • Track the progress of multiple projects?
  • Identify cost overruns early?
  • Enable consultants to work from home/abroad?
  • Help consultants to follow the project methodology?
  • Leverage knowledge to increase your junior/senior ratio?

]project-open[ offers a complete 100% web-based solution to manage the processes in a consulting organization:

  • Internet Collaboration
  • Project Methodologies
  • e-Human Resources
  • "Knowledge Management"

A Solution for Consulting Companies

]project-open[ provides modules for all important processes in consulting organizations. They cover:

  • Project Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Project Controlling
  • CRM "light"
  • Content & Community
  • Cost management
  • e-HR
  • etc.

The management of consulting projects requires a perfect coordination of human resources and knowledge resources. Consultants are frequently traveling or working outside their offices. The value delivered to the customer depends on the experience and knowledge that consultants have gained in previous projects and the cost of projects mainly depends on operational efficiency and the junior-to-senior ratio.

Internet Collaboration

Consulting project teams consist of highly specialized experts that are distributed both geographically and organizationally. Thus an efficient project organization requires that all project resources are centralized in a single repository of documents, discussions etc. Everything needs to be accessible securely and efficiently over the Internet, independent of team members' location.

Having its roots in a large online community system, ]project-open[ has been designed from scratch for such types of Internet collaboration. Its Project Rooms concentrate all project resources such as documents, discussions, customer information etc. in a single location, 100% accessible from the Internet.

Its sophisticated permission management allows you for example to include both customers and freelancers in a project while avoiding any contact between the two groups.

Project Methodologies

Consulting projects frequently follow a predetermined methodology, consisting of determined project phases, activities and documents to be created. Methodologies provide an important structure that allows junior consultants to work more efficiently and that avoids repeating costly mistakes made in previous projects.

]project-open[ supports project methodologies by providing "project templates" consisting of project phases (subprojects), activities, document templates, milestones and reports to be filled out. New projects can be easily composed from these predefined templates. The completion of project phases and thus the methodology can be tracked by the completion of milestones and reports.

e-Human Resources

]project-open[ supports the recruiting, qualification and assignment of consultants. Job requests by consultants are channeled into a "recruiting workflow", either from the website directly or by HR staff, formalizing the selection and qualification process. All professional activities of a consultant are registered and can be looked up in the employee register.

"Knowledge Management"

]project-open[ allows easy access to all explicit knowledge (documents, discussions, information sources, ...) using an advanced AI search engine. Experts can be found using an "Expert Finder" search engine. These experts can be contacted with questions in a "Knowledge Market" and their answers are then evaluated in order to calculate the "karma points" of each expert.

Reduced Project Administration Overhead

]project-open[ contains special modules for travel costs and timesheet management that greatly reduce the administration overhead for consultants and managers by providing a one-stop-shop solution to capture and invoice these items. The captured data can then be exported in various formats into the corporate ERP system.

]project-open[ allows you to create quotes and invoices automatically for the following modes of project billing:

  • Fixed Price Projects
  • Fixed Price Projects with Multiple Invoices
  • "Multiple Small Projects"
  • Cost Based Projects
  • Maintenance Projects
  • Repeating Invoices

Security, Performance and Scalability

]project-open[ features a fine-grained and flexible permission scheme, allowing you to configure access permissions based on roles or profiles of consultants, including external project members such as freelancers and customer employees.