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Venkat Mangudi Consulting is a Open Source strategy consulting firm that has a dedicated ]project-open[ practice. Th­ey offer installation, configuration and change management services for ]project-open[. Based in Bangalore, India, they have implemented ]project-open[ for over half a dozen clients ranging from NGO to manufacturing companies.



The following instructions explain how to install ]project-open[ V3.4 on Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04).

Please note that these instructions are outdated, as instructions for [Ubuntu Precise Pangolin] have become available. 


When I tried to install AOLserver 4.5 from the repositories, it crashed with the following error message.

 Tcl_SetBooleanObj called with shared object

A quick search on Google led me to Tony's blog at Ticketboo who had the same problem. So I took a look at his solution as well as Cognovis' PO on Ubuntu installation. Much tha­nks to Tony and Malte. My script is a little bit of both making some adjustments for Ubuntu 9.04 and tested on a virtual server on my laptop. So, here goes.

Please Note:

  • Manual intervention:
    CVS login and PostgreSQL requires manual intervention. I have modified the commands accordingly. You will need to accept the warning thrown by PostgreSQL and then later on, the system waits for a password for cvs login. Pressing enter key is sufficient as a password is optional.

  • Reboot:
    The script will automatically download and install all necessary components. It will reboot your machine at the very end. There will be a message on the console stating that the system will be rebooted in 30 seconds. If you want to reboot it yourself, pressing ctrl-c will stop the process.
  • No Previous PostgreSQL Install:
    We assume that your system will not have Postgresql 8.2 (or any other version) already running. If it does, please edit the script and comment out the appropriate sections. If you are using the script to install on a machine that has other applications/processes running, it is strongly advised to take a back up and then commence the execution of this script.


1. Become root and download the install script (note that the 64-bit script is different from the 32-bit script)

sudo -i
cd /usr/local/src
wget http://www.venkatmangudi.com/project-open-34/po-install-script-32bit.sh


sudo -i
cd /usr/local/src
wget http://www.venkatmangudi.com/project-open-34/po-install-script-64bit.sh

2. Give execute permissions and run the script(the tee command will display output to your screen and capture the output in poinstall.log)

sudo -i
cd /usr/local/src
chmod +x po-install-script*.sh
./po-install-script-*bit.sh | tee poinstall.log

3. The system will restart after the script completes the download and install. Browse to http://<your ip address or localhost>:8000 to log onto Project Open.

The script will download and install ]po[ on your system. Output will also be sent to poinstall.log. Ignore all "ranlib" errors. If you get any other errors, post them here and we'll figure out how to fix it. Please do post your successes as well. It would be good to know how many of you found this useful, I encourage you to respond to the poll at the very bottom of this page.

-- [Venkat Mangudi]

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