Alex Yanishevsky, Globalization Program Manager, COMSYS

The Globalization Practice of COMSYS Services LLC is a leading provider of globalization, localization and translation services. We are solutions driven with a productized service offering approach to satisfying very common client requirements when entering non-English speaking markets. Very simply, we facilitate communication globally by translating content in all its forms including print, online (Internet & Intranet) and software into forms that meet the cultural and language requirements necessary to more effectively communicate with customers, employees and distributors.

As part of COMSYS Services LLC we are publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol {CITP} and have 42 offices domestically and overseas. We are proud to serve over 33% of the Fortune 500 and have a client retention rate consistently exceeding 95%. With over 30 years of operational experience, annual revenues now exceed $650 million annually.

Our delivery model is process driven and designed around "best-in-class" software technologies, an "in-house" bilingual team of globalization professionals and a global network of consultants made available "just-in-time". Our delivery model is unique to the industry and enables robust scalability while maintaining cost efficiency; all within strict quality control measures. Our delivery resources are from all around the world with unique skill sets that combine globalization experience with software engineering and testing, voice talent, desktop publishing, translation, project management and program management.

Our previous model was a bit chaotic and disparate since information was stored in several different systems, some of which were not quite suitable for the specificities of the localization market. ]po[ provided the opportunity to centralize all our operations related to localization (financial, quoting, forecasting, payroll, project workflow). We looked at several similar solutions and found ]po[ to be most cost efficient. In addition, we were impressed by the flexibility of ]po[ and the ability to customize it to our specific needs.
Currently, we are still in the early stages so it is difficult to provide quantifiable results. We forecast 10-15% reduction in man hours for each member of our in-house team. The ability to have valuable information at a moment's click is virtually unquantifiable, but was an equally important factor in implementing ]po[ .


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