Our professional support is designed to help you overcome all product-related issues when implementing ]project-open[in your organization. Support is available in different varieties.

Subscription based support

Subscription based support represents an insurance for you that your ]project-open[ installation will be available at any time during its life cycle. Different support plans are available to suit your organization's needs and budget.

The following support levels are available:

Preventative maintenance
Security updates
Bug fixing
E-mail support
Chat support  
Phone support    
Upgrade to released versions    
Support staff Suport
"Bug Request" guaranteed reaction time - - 48h 24h
"Job Stopper" guaranteed reaction/resolution time -/- 48h/- 24h/- 8h/24h
Supported versions Stable
Included support hours per month 0.5h 1h 2h 4h
Monthly price 125,- € 250,- € 450,- € 950,- €

Guaranteed reaction times are maximum times, actual reaction times are usually far below this limit. Please see our Service Level Agreement and Terms & Conditions for more details. You can order your support contract here.

Support based on time and material

Please get in touch with us to further clarify your particular needs.

Installation support - hosting on a server of your choice

Other possibilities include the installation on an arbitrary dedicated/shared server located at your office or with a hosting provider of your choice. Depending on the pre-configuration needs and operating system we usually charge between 600,- € and 800,- € for a native installation. Contact us with detailed information about the system]po[ needs to be installed on and we send you a detailed quote.


Webinars are educational seminars that are accessed over the Internet. During those webinars we introduce you to the application and give you the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding ]po[ . Webinars are charged by the hour, please get in touch with us to further clarify your particular needs.

Professional Evaluation

]po[ is an open-source product which means it can be downloaded, explored and used at no costs. Commercial modules that add additional functionality are available for purchase. Those modules are usually targeted to large enterprise clients. Please note that offering a free product we do not dispose of classic sales channels, which means that we have very limited resources at our disposal to provide services such as free pre-sales support.
To close this gap we offer professional evaluation to help you understand how well ]po[ could satisfy the needs of your company. Professional Evaluation is a packaged service which gives you up to three hours of dedicated consulting to help you determine whether ]project-open[meets the needs of your organization. This is usually enough time for a conference call, an online demo, or the completion of a Request For Information (RFI) of up to 5 pages. The cost of this service is 250 €. Please contact us with detailed information and we can arrange a first conference call to clarify the details.

Customization and Software Development

Make use of the comprehensive knowledge of the ]po[ developers to customize and tailor the application to your specific needs, integrate new packages or develop new extensions. Please get in touch with us to further clarify your particular needs.

Order Form

Please supply and invoice the underneath marked products/services.

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]po[ Silver Support (per month)
]po[ Gold Support (per month)
]po[ Enterprise Support (per month)

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