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Stay ahead of the curve on product knowledge

Comprehensive training sessions are critical to getting employees up to speed, encouraging product usage. ]project-open[ Training Sessions help learners apply new skills to their everyday work.

]project-open[ offers training services to reach a global audience without requiring increased budgets or resources. You can host online employee training sessions that are as interactive as on-site sessions, but at a fraction of the cost.


Client Benefits

  • Increase productivity – reduce travel time and budgets so you can focus on your training content
  • Delivered directly to your desk
  • Short, affordable sessions focus on specific aspects - you choose the session that interest you
  • Live sessions let you interact with the software and talk one-to-one to the trainer

All training sessions are performed over the internet using common collaboration and screen sharing tools in english. Classes in german & spanish language on request. The last 15-20 min. of each session are reserved for Q&A. Upfront payment required.

In case you are looking for professional support, please refer to this page.

Order Form

Please supply the underneath marked products/services.

1,5 hours
]po[ Application Demo / Q&A session
A full run-through of the fundamentals of the product or a general Q&A session in which you'll be able to follow-up with any questions you may have
95.00 €
]po[ Basic Configuration
GUI simplification, groups, permissions & priviliges, basic parmetrization of business processes, object states & types  
95.00 €
]po[ Advanced Configuration 
Adding new attributes to ]po[ business objects (Dynamic fields and dynamic views)
95.00 €
]po[ Project Tracking and Controlling
Defining project tasks, tracking resource consumption, tracking time consumption, tracking project costs, status reporting and identifying cost overruns.
95.00 €
]po[ Project Billing and Financials
Invoicing, using the invoice wizard, payment tracking
95.00 €
]po[ Translation Management:
How to manage the lifecycle of a translation projects using the Translation Workflow.
95.00 €
]po[ Ticket Tracking and Help Desk
Managing life cycle of tickets, configuring & permissions, portlet configuration
95.00 €
]po[ Dynamic Workflow I
Basic WF concepts, graphical WF wizard and WF editor
95.00 €
]po[ Dynamic Workflow I
Individual screen (Panels), interaction with business objects
95.00 €


Please inquire for customized training sessions tailored to your particular needs.

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