PD - Product Development

The PD module supports a range of processes throughout the life cycle of collaborative product development. Technically, product development uses a large part of the ]po[ infrastructure for project management, while adding additional functionality to automate certain sub-processes.

]po[ includes special functionality to support the development of internal software products in IT departments and organizations.

Product Development Processes


  • Idea Management - Capture, evaluate, filter and approve project related and other ideas.
  • Idea Screening & Portfolio Management - Screening and filtering ideas using the ]po[ Porfolio Management process.
  • Product Scheduling & Planning - Planning and scheduling of product development and implementation using ]po[ Project Management
  • [Product Document Management] - Keeping track of product specifications and documentation.
  • [Product Life Cycle Management] - Keeping track of the entire life cycle of the product.
  • [ITSM Configuration Management] - Keeping track of changes in the software products.
  • ITSM Product Release Management  - Managing and documenting the decisions related to the release of changes in an IT product.


Specific Support for IT Product Development

  • Development of software products is closely related to the management of IT project and IT services, by sharing many tools.
  • The release management package supports the release process of software products, particularly with respect to regulartory compliancy with the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act or European Basel II critieria.
  • ]po[ provides the CVS integration package to integrate software change management and version management tools with tasks in the software development process. Additional package for integration with Subversion (SVN) and IBM version management systems will follow soon.
  • The ]po[ financial module allows for detailed budget tracking of the PD process.
  • The ]po[ workflow can be used to enforce the application of certain best-practices in the product development life cycle, by requiring senior management to approve budgets and any advance in the PD cycle.
  • The Gantt scheduling and tracking functionality from project management can be applied directly to PD projects.


Basics of the Product Development Life Cycle



Example Case Demonstrating PD Best Practices




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