Percent Completed Field of Project

The "percent completed" field of projects is a percentage value that shows how much of the [planned work/value] of a project has already been completed.

The field is used in the processes project tracking and earned value management.

Percent Completed in "Consulting Projects"

In "consulting projects" (i.e. projects consisting of Gantt tasks) the project manager specifies the percent completed for every task in the project using the Project -> Tasks page.

Percent Completed in "Translation Projects"

In "translation projects" (i.e. projects consisting of [translation tasks] the percent completed is calculated automatically for every translation task based on information from the translation workflow. The table [im_trans_task_progress] defines percent_completed values for every [translation tasks] based on the task type and status.

Percent Completed in the Project Hierarchy

The "percent completed" of a super project is calculated from the percent completed of its children based on their [planned value].

  • The "planned value" of a consulting project is the sum of the "planned units" field of the project's timesheet tasks. The parameter [TimesheetHoursPerDay] is used to convert days into hours.

  • The "planned value" of a translation project is the sum of all [translation tasks] measurd in hours, plus the sum of all translation task measured in S-Word divided by the value of the parameter [AverageWordsPerHour]. 
The [earned value/work done] of a super-project is calculated as the sum of the work done of the subprojects, divided by the sum of the work planned of the subprojects.


The following parameters influence the calculation of percent_completed:

  • [AutomaticProjectAdvanceP] - determines if automatic calculation of percent_done is enabled. Otherwise users have to set percent_done manually per project.
  • [TimesheetHoursPerDay] - defines the number of work hours per day.
  • [AverageWordsPerHour] - defines how many S-Words can be processed in one hour. The value is an average of the sum of all processing steps (translation, editing, proof reading etc.) related to processing a word of translation contents.


Extensions in the next releases of ]project-open[ will include:

  • Disabling the GUI for modifying percent completed in super projects:
    Currently, it is possible to manually edit the "percent completed" in super projects, even if the parameter [AutomaticProjectAdvanceP] is set to 1.
  • Alternative methods to calculate [planned value]:
    The current metod does not take into account subprojects without tasks. However, subprojects only consisting of a [budget] may be useful to represent tasks to be provided by subcontractors etc.
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