]po[ Timesheet Confirmation Object

The Timesheet Confirmation Object is an auxillary object used in the Timesheet Workflow package when requesting an approval for a number of hours logged on a project.

We had to introduce this auxillary object because workflows in ]po[ require a specific object to which they can attach. Using the ]po[ workflow for approval of hours forced us to introduce this "container" object.


create table im_timesheet_conf_objects (
        conf_id         integer
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_id_pk
                        primary key
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_id_fk
                        references acs_objects,

        conf_project_id integer
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_project_nn
                        not null
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_project_fk
                        references im_projects,
        conf_user_id    integer
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_user_nn
                        not null
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_user_fk
                        references users,
        start_date      date
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_start_date_nn
                        not null,
        end_date        date
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_end_date_nn
                        not null,
        conf_status_id  integer
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_status_nn
                        not null
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_status_fk
                        references im_categories,
        conf_type_id    integer
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_type_nn
                        not null
                        constraint im_timesheet_conf_type_fk
                        references im_categories

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