OpenACS Bootstrap Installer

This package bootstraps OpenACS. If the core packages have not yet been installed, it calls the installer which leads the user through the steps necessary to do so. It also checks that the installation meets the requirements for a successful install of OpenACS.


Package Documentation

Procedure Files

tcl/00-proc-procs.tcl       Routines for defining procedures and libraries of procedures (<code>-procs.tcl</code> files). 
tcl/10-utilities-procs.tcl       Utility routines needed by the bootstrapping process. 
tcl/20-db-bootstrap-procs.tcl       Utility routines needed by the bootstrapping process. 
tcl/30-apm-load-procs.tcl       Routines needed by the bootstrapper to load package code. 
tcl/40-db-query-dispatcher-procs.tcl       Query Dispatching for multi-RDBMS capability 


acs_package_root_dir       Returns the path root for a particular package within the OpenACS installation. 
acs_root_dir       Returns the path root for the OpenACS installation. 
ad_after_server_initialization       Registers code to run after server initialization is complete. 
ad_arg_parser       Parses an argument list for a database call (switches at the end). 
ad_assert_arg_value_in_list       For use at the beginning of the body of a procedure to check that an argument has one of a number of allowed values. 
ad_call_method       Calls method_name for the type of object_id with object_id as the first arg, and the remaining args are the remainder of the args to method_name. 
ad_dispatch       Calls method_name for the type of object_id with object_id as the first arg, and the remaining args are the remainder of the args to method_name. 
ad_find_all_files       Returns a list of full paths to all files under $path in the directory tree (descending the tree to a depth of up to $max_depth). 
ad_library       Provides documentation for a library (<code>-procs.tcl</code> file). 
ad_make_relative_path       Returns the relative path corresponding to absolute path $path. 
ad_method       Defines a method for type based dispatch. 
ad_proc       <p> Declare a procedure with the following enhancements over regular Tcl "<code>proc</code>": </p> <p> <ul> <li> A procedure can be declared as public, private, deprecated, and warn.</li> <li> Procedures can be declared with regular <i>positional</i> parameters (where you pass parameters in the order they were declared), or with <i>named</i> parameters, where the order doesn't matter because parameter names are specified explicitely when calling the parameter. 
apm_backup_file_p       Returns 1 if $path is a backup file, or 0 if not. 
apm_bootstrap_load_file       Source a single file during initial bootstrapping and set APM data. 
apm_bootstrap_load_libraries       Scan all the files in the "tcl" dir of the package and load those asked for by the init and procs flags. 
apm_bootstrap_upgrade       Copy the files from acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/tcl to the Tcl files in the acs root directory. 
apm_first_time_loading_p       Returns 1 if this is a -procs.tcl file's first time loading, or 0 otherwise. 
apm_get_package_files       <p> Returns all files, or files of a certain types, belonging to an APM package. 
apm_guess_db_type       Guesses and returns the database type key corresponding to a particular path (or an empty string if none is known). 
apm_guess_file_type       Guesses and returns the file type key corresponding to a particular path (or an empty string if none is known). 
apm_ignore_file_p       Return 1 if $path should, in general, be ignored for package operations. 
apm_include_data_model_file_p       Check if the APM should consider a file found by ad_find_all_files. 
apm_include_file_p       Check if the APM should consider a file found by ad_find_all_files. 
apm_install_xml_file_path       Get the path of the install.xml file. 
apm_is_catalog_file       Given a file path return 1 if the path represents a message catalog file and 0 otherwise. 
apm_load_install_xml_file       Loads any install.xml file and returns the root node. 
apm_package_supports_rdbms_p       Returns 1 if the given package supports the rdbms of the system and 0 otherwise. 
apm_parse_catalog_path       Given the path of a file attempt to extract package_key, prefix, charset and locale information from the path assuming the path is on valid format for a message catalog file. 
apm_source       Sources $__file in a clean environment, returning 1 if successful or 0 if not. 
callback       Invoke the registered callback implementations for the given callback. 
db_available_pools       Returns a list of the available pools for the given database name. 
db_fullquery_compatible_p       Check compatibility of a FullQuery against an RDBMS This procedure returns true or false. 
db_fullquery_create       FullQuery Data Abstraction Constructor 
db_fullquery_get_bind_vars       Accessor for fullquery data abstraction 
db_fullquery_get_load_location       Accessor for fullquery data abstraction 
db_fullquery_get_name       Accessor for fullquery data abstraction 
db_fullquery_get_query_type       Accessor for fullquery data abstraction 
db_fullquery_get_querytext       Accessor for fullquery data abstraction 
db_fullquery_get_rdbms       Accessor for fullquery data abstraction 
db_map       fetch a query snippet. 
db_pool_to_dbn_init       Simply initializes the <code>db_pool_to_dbn</code> nsv, which is used by "<code>db_driverkey -handle</code>". 
db_qd_fetch       Fetch a query with a given name This procedure returns the latest FullQuery data structure given proper scoping rules for a complete/global query name. 
db_qd_get_fullname       Find the fully qualified name of the query 
db_qd_internal_get_cache       Load from Cache 
db_qd_internal_load_cache       Flush queries for a particular file path, and reload them 
db_qd_internal_load_queries       Load up a bunch of queries from a file pointer The file_tag parameter is for later flushing of a series of queries when a particular query file has been changed. 
db_qd_internal_parse_init       Initialize the parsing state 
db_qd_internal_parse_one_query       Parse one query using the query state 
db_qd_internal_parse_one_query_from_xml_node       Parse one query from an XML node 
db_qd_internal_prepare_queryfile_content       Prepare raw .xql-file content form xml-parsing via quoting 
db_qd_internal_store_cache       Store in Cache. 
db_qd_load_query_file       A procedure that is called from the outside world (APM) to load a particular file 
db_qd_log       Centralized DB QD logging If you want to debug the QD, change QDDebug below to Debug 
db_qd_make_absolute_path       Make a path absolute 
db_qd_null_path       The null path 
db_qd_pick_most_specific_query       For now, we're going to say that versions are numbers and that there is always backwards compatibility. 
db_qd_relative_path_p       Check if the path is relative 
db_qd_root_path       The token that indicates the root of all queries 
db_rdbms_parse_from_xml_node       Parse and RDBMS struct from an XML fragment node 
empty_string_p       returns 1 if a string is empty; this is better than using == because it won't fail on long strings of numbers 

SQL Files

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