DynFields - Object Types

This page lists all object types that are extensible by DynFields.  Only these types have been prepared to automatically display DynField values.  The list of available extensible object types will grow in time with the program.   

From the list view, clicking on either the "Pretty Name" or the "Object Type" name of an entry links to the following page.


A list of all current active attributes, that is attributes being used by widgets or displays within the system, is shown along with accompanying details such as to what database table and to what widget, this attribute belongs.  Click on an individual attribute to learn more about it.


  • Add A Completely New Attribute - create a new attribute that will become part of this object type
  • Add An Attribute That Already Exists in the DB - add a pre-existing database attribute from another table to this one, to unlock the desired attributes you must add the corresponding extension table first.  See below.

  • Add A New Extension Table - unlock the attributes of another database tables making them candidates for extension to this database table 



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