Portlet: Workflow Inbox

The "workflow inbox" shows all workflow actions related to the current user:

  • Workflow actions assigned to the current user (Relationship = "assignment group"):
    So the current user should click on the "Approve", "Quote" etc. button at the left.
    For example, a project manager may need to approve the time sheet of a project resource.

  • Workflow actions related to objects created by the current user (Relationship = "my object"):
    For example, a user has requested some vacation days.
    The workflow inbox will show the next action in the workflow ("approve") and who is assigned to perform this action.

The last column "Relationship" contains the information about what type of relationship the workflow has to the current user:

  • Assignment group:
    The current user has been assigned to perform the action, possibly among other users
  • My object:
    This workflow has been started by the current user.
  • Holding user:
    The workflow action has already be started, but not yet finished.


Action Type Status Assignee Owner Object Name Relationship
Approve Timesheet Active Ben Bigboss System Administrator System Administrator System Administrator @ Conception (2016-06-05-2016-06-11) Assignment group
Quote Feature Request Open Alberto Orduña System Administrator Create User Skin Selector My object
Confirm Quote Bug Request Open System Administrator Report shows wrong number format My object
Quote Permission Request Open System Administrator Ester Arenas Access permissions for project Motor Development Holding User
Approve Timesheet Active Ben Bigboss System Administrator System Administrator @ Conception (2016-09-25-2016-10-01) My object
Approve Expense Bundle Created Ben Bigboss System Administrator Expense Bundle - EUR 1000 in Motor Development (2016-06-01) My object



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