Intranet Topic Type

Topic Types distinguish between the way how forum topics are used by the user.


  • News: One persons creates a news for many others
  • im_forum_topic: One person defines an incident that need to be resoved until a certain deadline and that can be assigned to another person.
  • Task: Like an incident, but less urgent...
  • Discussion: Many to many open discussion.
  • Note: One person asserts something about the subject.
  • Help Request: Not used anymore
  • Reply: A reply to one of the previous topics.


Constant Values

The following constants should not be modified.


  category_id |   category
        1100 | News
        1102 | Incident
        1104 | Task
        1106 | Discussion
        1108 | Note
        1110 | Help Request
        1190 | Reply


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