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Release Management
Release Management process - Basic Steps (Source: Wikipedia)

This package implements a release management process according to ITSM/ITIL best practices. It provides a status engine for release items and keeps track of status changes.

Release management (RM) is the process of managing software releases. One of the principle goals of RM is to increase IT efficiency and to reduce time and cost when implementation and maintaining software.

Release Items

A "release item" is a ]project-open[ object that has produced changes that need to be released to production. ]po[ supports the following release items:

Release Status Engine

Each release item has to pass through a number of states as it passes through a number of tests towards its release.

The states of the status engine are defined by Intranet Release Status. The default states are defined as below. You can modify the states by editing the "Intranet Release Status" category type.

 category_id |            category
        4500 | 0 - Developing
        4540 | 1 - Ready for Review
        4550 | 2 - Ready for Integration
        4560 | 3 - Ready for Integration Test
        4570 | 4 - Ready for Acceptance Test
        4585 | 5 - Ready for Production
        4590 | 6 - Ready to be closed
        4595 | 7 - Closed

Release Items

Releases items are assigned to Release Projects and have a given lifecycle (Release Status) and priority.


All changes are tracked in a journal:



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