About Processes

What can I do with ]project-open[? This page lists business processes supported by ]project-open[.

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Project Related Processes:


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Financial Processes:


Provider Management Processes


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Human Resources Processes:

  • Timesheet Management - Employees track time, to be confirmed by supervisor
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Absence Management
  • [Employee Skill Management]
  • [Performance Appraisal] - Evaluation of employee performance, including 360 appraisal.
  • [Bonus Calculation]
  • [Training Mangement] - determine need for and track employee training.
  • Project Staffing - select the right people to execute your project
  • Recruiting - select new employees for your company
  • Skill Management
  • [Project Resource Management] - identify resource bottlenecks and unproductive time
  • [Travel Expenses] - capture and approve travel expenses

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 CRM Processes


 ITSM Processes


Product Development Processes  

  • [Product Development]
  • [Product Launching]



End-to-End Processes

These are processes representing end-to-end production processes

  • Engineer-to-Order - production process delivering customized products. The production process is represented as a project


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