OpenACS Party

Parties represent a common super-type of both groups and [object-type-person|persons]]. Using this constructions, groups will only contain parties, implementing elegantly a group - sub-group hierarchy.


Parties are also used as super-types of ]po[ companies since the introduction of the contacts package.

For detailed information on groups please see the OpenACS developer documentation.


Party Fields


  • Party ID:
    ID of the party object, referencing acs_objects.object_id.
  • Email:
    The party's email address, if available.
  • URL:
    The party's URL, if available.


Structure of the parties database table:

  Column  |          Type          | Modifiers
 party_id | integer                | not null
 email    | character varying(100) |
 url      | character varying(200) |



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