This tutorial assumes that you are not the typical computer nerd and therefore not necessarily familiar with VMware and other virtualization technology.

System Requirements

There are several options to run the ]po[ VMware virtual machine.

  • VMware Player :
    This is the easiest way to get started. It is available for free and runs on any computer/laptop with >=2GB RAM.

  • VMware  Server :
    This product has reached it's End of Live but may still be an options for evaluating ]po[. It can run on computers with >=2GB RAM. It is available for free.

  • VMware vSphere Hypervisor :
    This is the smallest option for ]project-open[ production use. It is available for free.

You will need sufficient disk space for the VMware product plus about 15GByte for the ]project-open[ virtual machine.


Downloand the ]po[ Virtual Machine

You can download our virtual appliance "project-open-VMware-" at:


Download and Install VMware

Please start downloading and installing the VMware Player  following the VMware instructions.

All you have to understand about using this technology is that your computer serves simply as a host to run another (virtual) computer that is represented by a couple of files. So when you download the VMware image you are actually downloading an entire computer as a piece of software. When download is finished, unzip the file to a local folder. Please make sure that you have sufficient disk space available. 

After download and install, the next step is to load the ]po[ Virtual Machine by navigating to the *.vmx file. Allow the VMware player a few minutes time so that your new computer can start up. In case it takes too much time and you have enough memory available, update the memory allocation for this VMware. In VMware Player you do this by choosing from the top menu bar Troubleshoot/Change Memory Allocation.

For installation tips/help we recomend that you consult the VMware section of the Installation FAQ.

Please read the README file provided with the distribution carefully!


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