]project-open[ reports are pre-configured and pre-defined SQL queries that have been embellished and formatted to become useful ready to use business decision making tools. Each report belongs to a Package that contains a family of related reports.

In order to access each report and it's functionality, the package the individual report belongs to must be installed on your ]project-open[ system. In order to find out which package the report is a part of, consult the References section of the Report's page. 

The reports have drop down menus to further filter the results of the report according to date, specific company sector, name, project name etc. in real time, without having to make additional costly (on computer resources) database operations.

The reports are grouped according to their function.


Timesheet Management

  • Timesheet Customer/Project - Main Timesheet report. Shows hours logged by customer/project
  • Timesheet - Monthly View including Absences
  • [Timesheet Productivity (Calendar View)] - same as above, except presented in a day by day calendar breakdown
  • Timesheet Productivity - summarizes individual or group participation using the system hours logged for projects and customers per month.
  • Timesheet Productivity Report - Monthly View - Simple
  • Timesheet Project Hierarchy & Finance
  • Timesheet Weekly Report - Show status of TS Confirmation Workflow and absences
  • Timesheet Finance - report that assembles all the basic financial data for projects
  • Timesheet Cube

Project Management 





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