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Inquires into the ]project-open[ database about the status of projects, users, finances, timesheets, etc. provide the raw base material for reporting functions related to the assessment of project progression,efficiency,budget, etc.  The Reporting Core is the base package for reporting functions in ]project-open[ and all other reporting related packages are add-on extensions which supplement the Reporting Core.  The Reporting Base includes several generic pre-defined reports which have configurable search options. 

Standard Reports 

Standard report are available from the REPORTING tab. Not all reports are accessible based on the permissions set by your System Administrator. 

Project Reporting 

  • Project List - Shows all main projects in repository. Allows filtering by start/end date, customer, project member and project. Project data can exported (CSV).  

Timesheet Management

  • Timesheet Customer/Project - Main Timesheet report. Shows hours logged by customer/project
  • Timesheet - Monthly View including Absences
  • [Timesheet Productivity (Calendar View)] - same as above, except presented in a day by day calendar breakdown
  • Timesheet Productivity - summarizes individual or group participation using the system hours logged for projects and customers per month.
  • Timesheet Productivity Report - Monthly View - Simple
  • Timesheet Project Hierarchy & Finance
  • Timesheet Weekly Report - Show status of TS Confirmation Workflow and absences
  • Timesheet Finance - report that assembles all the basic financial data for projects

Project Controlling



  • User Contact Information - search the database for user contact info or find out which users are the associated contacts with a given project/customer or industry.

Standard Reports located in other packages

Some of the reports listed on the Reporting page are located in other packages.

Finance Reporting 

Resource Management

  • Resource Planning - Resource Planning based on % assignments
  • [Named Resource Planning] - Named Resource Planning based on planned hours

Ad-Hoc and Dynamic Reports

This package allows users to create a certain type of ad-hoc, that is on-line using the Web interface.

To create a new ad-hoc report please to to /intranet-reporting/ and click on "New Report" in the Admin section at the left. You will see a form similar to the one below.

Ad Hoc Report 

Placeholder in Ad-Hoc Reports

Ad-hoc reports allow the use of placeholders in "%varname%" format. These placeholders are replaced by the corresponding values, if you specify &varname=value pairs in the URL of the reports.

For example, you can specify the following SQL:

select	*
from	groups
where	group_name like '%group_name%'

and execute this ad-hoc report using a URL like this one:


Please note that the page will return an empty screen if there are no results.

Report Output Formatting

You can determine the output format of the ad-hoc reports by adding a URL parameter "format=<format>":

  • format=html
    This is the default setting.
  • format=csv
    Returns comma separated values and a MIME type that will cause most browser to open the file in MS-Excel.
  • format=json
    JSON is a format used and natively understood by JavaScript and used frequently for HTML5 AJAX applications.
  • format=xml
    Similar to JSON, but in XML format.

Here is a sample URL for the example above:



Related Object Types

  • [Report]

Related Packages

Package Documentation

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