]po[ Timesheet Workflow

This package adds an a workflow to the timesheet management functionality. Project managers will need to approve the hours logged by resources on their projects. This is useful for external resources or resources that receive a bonus for having a high percentage of billable hours.

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Included reports allow to review approved vs. non-approved hours.

Timesheet Workflow - User Actions

After entering one or several new hours, a button will appear in the last day of the week ("Confirm 6.0 Hours").


Clicking the button will start a new workflow for every main project and display the following message:


As a result, the supervisor of the employee will receive a workflow approval request in his "Home Workflow Inbox. In the default configuration of the workflow, the approval of the timesheet hours is assigned to "supervisor" of the employee, as defined in the user's "Employee Information" section. However, different approval variants are possible when configuring the "unassigned callback" PL/SQL procedure of the "Approve" transition of the workflow. 

As a result, the submitted hours are displayed in orange color. The color will turn into green once the hours are approved.

Timesheet requrested hours are displayed in orange

Timesheet Workflow - Supervisor Actions

 A new approval request will appear in the workflow inbox of the supervisor:


  Clicking on the "Approve" link, the supervisor will be redirected to the following screen where he can approve or reject the block of logged hours.    


Timesheet Workflow - Behavior of Confirmed Hours

Once logged hours are confirmed by the supervisor they will appear in green color in the Timesheet calendar view.

In the Timesheet entry page, confirmed hours are displayed read-only, so that they can not be modified accidentally by the logging user. 

Existing approval information will be deleted if the logging user chooses to add hours to other tasks of a main project with submitted hours. After this action, the logging user will have to re-submit the modified hours for approval.


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