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This package allows to associated a number of "risks" with a project.

Risk Chart

Risks are classified according to probability (horizontal) and impact (vertical, as % of project budget) in the risk chart below.
The classification scale can be configured in the Admin -> Parameters section. 

100 1





5 1

5 10 20 30 100

Risk Entry

The following list shows a list of risks for a project. You can add additional "DynFields" to risks and add additional columns in the RiskListComponent below (see the wrench  symbol). 

  Name  Type  Status  Impact  Percent 
High Probability high Impact  Internal Active 10000.0 100.0
30-30  Internal Active 3000.0 30.0
25-25  Internal Active 2512.0 25.1
High Impact - Low Probab  Internal Active 8000.0 3.4
12 - 12  Internal Active 1200.0 12.0
Risk 1  Default Active 0.0 0.0
  • New Risk



The intranet-riskmanagement packages has been released in 2011-11-09 and is functional, but not very exteded yet.

We assume that we will soon add additional features including:

  • Risk release process:
    Risks that have become reality should be added to the project budget and the project timescale.
  • Risk reporting:
    Add a report to list risks according to customer, cost center etc.


Package Documentation

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