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This package provides project managers and PMOs/project directors with the tools necessary to plan both individual projects and portfolios of projects. It provides one report for "manual resource leveling" that shows the assignment of resources across all projects in the company. It also includes information about personal and bank holidays. Direct links to user and projects allow to quickly correct over allocations.

In addition to that the ]po[ team currently works on a Portfolio Planner. The code is not publicly available yet (2015-11-19). Please contact  us if you want to participate in the development or provide additional funding to get this feature production ready ahead of the planned release date.

You can preview the Portfolio Planner on our demo server 

Portfolio Planner Demo Server 

There's also a first video available on our YouTube channel:



Related packages:

  • [TaskJuggler Support] for future automatic resource leveling.



Package Documentation

Procedure Files

tcl/intranet-resource-management-procs-hour.tcl       Hourly report about resource management. 
tcl/intranet-resource-management-procs-percentage.tcl       Resource management report by percentage. 
tcl/intranet-resource-management-procs.tcl       Report on and modify resource assignments to tasks of various types. 


im_date_components_to_julian       Takes an entry from top_vars/top_entry and tries to figure out the julian date from this 
im_date_julian_to_components       Takes a Julian data and returns an array of its components: Year, MonthOfYear, DayOfMonth, WeekOfYear, Quarter 
im_date_julian_to_week_julian       Takes a Julian data and returns the julian date of the week's day "1" (=Monday) 
im_resource_management_collapse_left_dimension       Expects a list-of-lists composed of integer values representing cost centers, users, projects and tasks. 
im_resource_management_cost_centers       Returns a Hash with the list of all cost_centers in the system with name and the "perpetually" available users (member of the cost_center). 
im_resource_management_smoothen_left_dimension       Expects a list-of-lists composed of integer values representing cost centers, users, projects and tasks. 
im_resource_management_sort_left_dimension       Expects a list-of-lists composed of integer values representing cost centers, users, projects and tasks. 
im_resource_management_subtotals_left_dimension       Adds a subtotal line at the end of every department or user 
im_resource_management_top_entry_is_weekend_p       Returns true if the top entry refers to a weekend. 
im_resource_management_top_scale_from_julian       Calculate the date component for the julian date, depending on top_vars 
im_resource_management_user_absences       Returns a Hash with the list of all absences in the interval. 
im_resource_mgmt_employee_assignment_pie_chart       Returns a HTML component with a pie chart of user assignments 
im_resource_mgmt_get_bar_color_hour       Returns a color code considering package parameter etc. 
im_resource_mgmt_resource_planning_add_member_component       Component that returns a formatted HTML table. 
im_resource_mgmt_resource_planning_cell_hour       Takes a percentage value and returns a formatted HTML ready to be displayed as part of a cell. 
im_resource_mgmt_resource_planning_hour       Creates Resource Report 
im_resource_mgmt_resource_planning_percentage       Creates Resource Report 
im_resource_mgmt_resource_planning_percentage_absences       Extract absences into a hash 

SQL Files


Content Pages

      employee-assignment-pie-chart.json.tcl Datasource for employee assignment Sencha pie chart.
      index.tcl Offers all around resource management


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