OpenACS Installer

OpenACS  is the framework underlying the ]project-open[ system. Normally, we will deliver ]project-open[ bundled with the OpenACS code, so you don't even have to know about this.

However, some OpenACS users may want to install ]project-open[ on top of their already existing OpenACS and dotLrn   installations. This is the target group for this "OpenACS installer".

Base OpenACS 5.9 Installation

This installer takes a fresh OpenACS 5.9 installation as a base. Please see the OpenACS installation instructions  for how to get OpenACS running on Linux, Windows or other operating systems including Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris.

Please start with a fresh OpenACS 5.9 installation in case you have any issues.

Obtaining the ]project-open[ "/packages"

For the rest of the installer you will need the packages from ]po[ V5.0. Please see the files in the SourceForge download folder . You can either take one of the latest "nightly builds" (starting with project-open-Nightly-, or extract the /web/projop/packages folder from one of the virtual machines (recommended). 

Minimal ]project-open[ Installation

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The minimum working ]po[ system consists of the following packages. Please copy these packges into your /packages folder, go to the URL /acs-admin/apm/ and click on "Install packages". Package dependency should be ok, so these packages should be installed in the correct order:


Now go to the URL /intranet on your server. You should see the specific ]project-open[ layout etc.

We have tested the installation and it basically works. However, it is not designed for production use, because it lacks most of the important ]po[ business objects including Gantt Task, Financial Document etc.

Full ]project-open[ Installation

The package dependency information in the rest of the ]po[ system is not well maintained, because ]po[ is normally installed as one application with most packages. So please install all of the available packages. You can disable the GUI elements of these packages in Admin -> Portlet Components and Admin -> Menus.

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