Customer Portal

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The Customer Portal refers to a group of features in ]project-open[ that allow customers to connect to the ]project-open[ server, to track their related projects, tickets and financial items.


  • Core Packages:
    The ]po[ core has been designed for direct access of customers. In the default configuration, customers will lack the "view_projects_all" privilege, so that customers will only "see" projects where customer contacts are explicitly added as a project member.
    Customer contacts are normally allowed to modify their own contact information.
  • Helpdesk:
    The helpdesk is configured in a similar way as the Core package. In the default configuration customers are allowed to access "their" tickets (all tickets in SLAs associated with their customer company). Depending on the configuration, customers may add new tickets in order to implement a self-service portal with approval and possibly quoting stages implemented using the ]po[ workflow.
  • Invoicing & Finance:
    This package can be configured in order to allow customers to access their own invoices or other financial documents.
  • Absences:
    The absence management functionality can be configured to allow customers to add absences.


Most other ]po[ packages are not specifically designed as a customer portal. However, many of these packages can be configured to provide suitable customer portal capability with little or no customization.

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