PM Milestone Tracking

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Milestone Tracking is a subprocess of project tracking and monitoring dealing specifically with milestones.

Marking a Project as a Milestone

Every project, task or ticket can be used as a milestone in ]project-open[. There are two options available to mark a milestone:

  • Projects have a "Milestone?" field that can be set to true in order to mark the project's end date as a milestone. The same field is available in tasks and tickets, even though the field is hidden in the standard configuration of ]po[.
  • The Project Type category defines a "Milestone" type.
    The ]po[ category system can be used to add the milestone property to other projects types. For example you can make "Consulting Project" a sub-type of "milestone", so that all "Consulting Projects" will be shown in the milestone dashboards. 

Milestone Slip Chart 

Milestone Tracking

]po[ supports several view or dashboards related to milestones:

  • "Milestones" Page:
    The "Milestones" tab in the main menu leads to a page that is configured to show upcoming and overdue milestones.
  • Milestone Tracker:
    This graphical widget display the evolution of project's milestones over time (Enterprise edition only). 


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