Project Type: Agile Project

An Agile Project is defined by a backlog of work and a number of sprints or agile project phases in order to do the work.

]project-open[ supports many styles of agile project types and  methodologies. This page provides an overview and a number of examples.

Agile projects allow you to react flexibly to changes, but provide less detailed planning information, compared to classical / Gantt projects. Please see mixed gantt/agile project types on how to manage SCRUM and other agile projects with ]project-open[, while preserving resource management, financial controlling and other planning processes.

]project-open[ Support for Agile Projects

]project-open[ includes a great variety of specific functionality for Gantt projects:

  • [Task board] or [SCRUM board] portlet:
    Shows the status of the tasks in a sprint.
  • [Burn-down chart] portlet:
    Shows the remaining work in the sprint backlog.


Project Methodologies and "Styles" of Agile Projects

There are many ways and styles to execute agile projects.

  • Kanban

Most differences only affect the number and name of states for the agile task board.


Other Types of Projects

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Mapping project methodologies into ]project-open[ project types is not always obvious. Please contact us in case of doubt. We can can usually clarify any issues in a few minutes or hours of consulting.

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