Project Type: Mixed

A "mixed" project in ]project-open[ include both classical / waterfall elements and agile phases or sprints. It also may include ticket trackers and other elements related to maintenance and operations, change management, [defect tracking] and similar.

]project-open[ supports the mixing of multiple project methodologies in a single project. This page provides an overview and a number of examples.

"Mixed" projects provide the flexibility required in many business environments, while allowing to apply [progress tracking], financial controlling, resource management and other types of planning to the rest of the project.

]project-open[ Support for Mixed Projects

]project-open[ allows to integrate various methodologies into a single project:

  • The main project should be of type "Gantt Project";
    Please create the main project of type "Gantt Project" in order to enable the Gantt Editor and other functionality related to [progress tracking] and financial controlling related to Gantt projects.
  •  Now you can create activities and sub-projects of various types:
    • Gantt tasks / activities:
      This is the default. You can create level 1 activities using the Gantt Editor.
    • Sub-project of type "SCRUM Sprint":
      In the "Administration" section of the main project you can select "Create sub-project".
      Now choose type "SCRUM Sprint". Inside the sprint you can choose "add items to sprint" in order to both activities and tickets as task to the sprint.
    • Sub-type of type "Ticket Container":
      "Ticket Container" allow to add tickets to a projects.
  • Resource Assignments:
    You can assign resources to all items. However, the resource management process can only deal with assignments to Gantt tasks.


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Mapping project methodologies into ]project-open[ project types is not always obvious. Please contact us in case of doubt. We can can usually clarify any issues in a few minutes or hours of consulting.

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